Graebener® offers more. As family owned company our individual solution concepts have been based on reliable values and expert knowledge – for more than 100 years. Our core business: Custom solutions. Our approach: Partnership. Our commitment: Make you better.

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Graebener® - Machine the difference.

Graebener® makes the difference. As family owned company we develop and implement customized solutions worldwide for the core markets of hydroforming, automotive industries, manufacturing of large pipes, vessel construction, wind tower production and shipbuilding – from Germany all around the world.


Based on more than 100 years of experience in the metal processing business it is our commitment to make you better and provide you with the decisive competitive edge. So a Graebener® solution is no standard solution. A Graebener® solution is your individual solution tailored and customized to your requirements and needs.


This commitment is based on expert knowledge. More than one third of our employees are highly trained and qualified engineers and technicians with vast knowledge and business experience. The design of your solutions is entirely in our hands – including hydraulics, control and feedback control technology and pioneering solutions for the challenges in the area of Industry 4.0.


Furthermore, we are of course certified according to DIN ISO 9001.


Our customers are our partners

We offer more. Graebener® stands for family cohesion and teamwork, for a sense of responsibility and for a trusting and long-term partnership. Most of our customers are repeat customers – or, as we like to think: Partners and friends.


Graebener® is your chance to stand out from the standard. Machine the difference.

World market leader

with pipe forming presses and bending machines as well as seam milling machines for the narrow gap welding

Encyclopedia of German world market leaders


with the largest press table worldwide available in our own Hydroforming Prototyping Center. Four presses with closing forces ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 tons

Graebener® Prototyping Center


around the production of metal bipolar plates and the corresponding production technology

Forming at the limit

World record holder

with the Graebener® RoboClamp®:the world's most powerful hydroforming press featuring a closing force of 13,000 tons

Award – Germany at its best


Experience since 1921: Discover the Graebener® history in pictures.

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Always at your side: Discover our network of companies worldwide.

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You buy a Graebener® solution

You get more than just a machine. You get a reliable partner who understands your processes and who develops the optimum solution for the market challenges together with you.

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